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See below for a list of movies where the train was central to the plot line.

Polar Express 2004 Tom Hanks Daryl Sabara
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 1997 Steve Martin John Candy
Mission: Impossible 1996 Tom Cruise Jon Voight
Money Train 1995 Wesley Snipes Woody Harrelson
Throw Momma from the Train 1987 Danny DeVito Billy Crystal
Night Train to Venice 1986 Hugh Grant Malcolm McDowell
Runaway Train 1985 Jon Voight Eric Roberts
The Great Train Robbery 1979 Sean Connery Lesley-Anne Down
The Train Robbers 1973 John Wayne Ann-Margret
The Train 1965 Burt Lancaster Paul Scofield
Strangers on a Train 1951 Farley Granger Ruth Roman
Night Train to Memphis 1946 Allan Lane Roy Acuff
Night Train to Munich 1940 Rex Harrison Margaret Lockwood

Train movies have been around since the very beginning of movie making. The 40's had the Night Train series. The Train was generally a part of many western movies as well. Some more recent movies that have trains include Polar Express (most of the movie takes place on a train going to the North Pole to meet Santa) and Mission:Impossible (which ends up with a great series of stunts and chase sequences on a train). Strangers on a Train is an Alfred Hitchcock classic movie.

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