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Do you have a favorite director? Someone whose movies never fail to entertain you? Below are some of the most famous directors and a list of the movies they have directed. Click on your favorite director to find out more about them and get a list of movies.

Woody Allen

Michael Mann

Robert Altman

Mike Nichols
Tim Burton

Roman Polanski

James Cameron Martin Scorsese

Frank Capra

Ridley Scott
Coen Brothers Night Shyamalan
George Cukor

Steven Soderbergh

Michael Curtiz

Stephen Speilberg

Cecil B. Demille

George Stevens

Clint Eastwood

Oliver Stone

John Ford

Quentin Tarantino

Alfred Hitchcock

Peter Weir

Ron Howard

Orson Welles
John Huston Billy Wilder

Elia Kazan

Robert Wise

Stanley Kubrick John Woo

David Lean

William Wyler

Spike Lee Robert Zemeckis
George Lucas

Fred Zinnemann

Sidney Lumet

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