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Welcome to Keep Your Ducks in a Row! This section of our website is full of information to help you become more organized in your home, with your children and even when you are planning your next vacation. 

At Home

  • Does your home run in a mild state of chaos?
  • Do you find yourself at the grocery store two or more times a week?
  • Does the laundry pile up so much that you have to dedicate an enitre day to sorting, washing and putting it away?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, check out our tips in At Home. You will find tips on how to organize everything from meals and menu planning, grocery shopping, laundry, handling holidays, running errands and cleaning. We hope these tips help ease your day just a bit.


  • Do you ever feel like your children's maid?
  • Do you constantly have to walk your children step by step througout the tasks of the day?
  • Does homework go undone or well into the night time hours?

If so, check out our Parenting tips. There you will find tips for teaching indepedence, routines, chores and homework. We aren't experts, but we have kids and hopefully our experience can help you out and make your house a bit less hectic.


  • Have you ever gone on a large family trip that was more stressful than relaxing?
  • Have there been attractions that get skipped due to lack of a plan?
  • Have you ended up with lodging that doesn't have the necessary 'elbow room' for a group of your size?

Our Travel page gives hints for planning and organizing large family reunions. Everything from planning meals and outings to selecting accomodations. If you were the one who got the "honor" of planning the family reunion this year, maybe we have a few suggestionst hat will help you out.

Tips & Tidbits

Also, be sure to check out our organizing Tips Tidbits page for those little hints that can sometimes make a big difference in your everyday life. Maybe you've tried some of them, but hopefully you'll learn something new to help keep your life a bit more under control. Good luck!

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