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Favorite Disneyland Rides and Shows

When you go to Disneyland you may not have time to take in every attraction, ride, and show.  Below we’ve listed our favorite   Disneyland rides and shows.  Opinions will vary, but we think these are the must-see Disneyland shows and the must-see rides for each park.  We’ve tried to indicate which were the most fun for adults, kids (boys and girls), but again this will vary widely.


Disney Land


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – This is a fun roller coaster.  It’s not especially scary so the more adventurous kids will really like it.  Good Disney roller coaster.


Buzz Lightyear – It’s like being inside a Buzz Lightyear video game.  How cool.  You get a score at the end, so you can compete with your family and friends.  This is fun for all, but especially the boys.  Based off of the Disney Pixar movie.


Peter Pan – another classic ride that has a true Disney magical feel


Indiana Jones – Scary, but very cool ride.


Fantasmic – Crowded and you need to get there early, but worth it.  One of the best shows at Disneyland.


Snow White Show – Broadway-like.  A must for the Disney princess fans.


Disney's California Adventure


Soaring over California – Awesome ride.  The number 1 must-see at Disney's California Adventure.  Not for those who are scared of heights.


Playhouse Disney – great fun for little kids


Tower of Terror – Very scary, but very fun.


DUH Show – This is not a largely advertised show, but it is funny.  It’s an improve show where the crowd can get involved.  We saw it twice last trip and it was a highlight of our Disney trip.


California Screaming – Best roller coaster at Disney.  For the big kids.


Aladdin – Excellent Broadway-like show based on the Disney Aladdin movie.



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