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.Organize Your Move

Are you planning a move to a new home or new city soon? Moving is one of the largest tasks that people have to undertake. Below are some tips to help your moving experience go smoothly.

Moving Yourself

If at all possible, have a garage sale or donate unused items to Goodwill before you move. Why pay to move things that you do not and will not use?

Start packing before the garage sale if possible. As you put each item into the box, think about if your really need it - if not get rid of it.

You can get great moving boxes from warehouse stores (Samís, Costco, BJís).

You can also buy used moving boxes from moving companies. The dish pack and closet hanging boxes would be well worth the money.

Make sure to secure a moving truck (Uhaul) one month in advance.

Be sure to be clear of the contract terms concerning pick up, drop off and mileage of your moving truck.

Are you just moving a short distance using cars and pickups? Donít make the mistake of not really packing. It will take much longer to load items individually into cars and then into your new place.

Using a Moving Company

If movers are coming, you will need to get some moving quotes.

Get at least three quotes to compare.

In state moving quotes are calculated by the pound so they are only as good as the person who does the estimate. Ask them how accurate they usually are. Your truck will be weighed and you will pay for the actual weight.

If you are moving in-state, each mover should charge you the same exact amount. Choose the most professional one.

If they are charging you for boxes, use this as a negotiating tool and try to get them for free.

In North Carolina, each moving company has a certificate number from the North Carolina Utilities Commission. You can call the Transportation Rates Division with this certificate number and find out about your mover.

In North Carolina you would call (919)733-7766. You can find out how many damage claims were made against this moving company and how they were handledÖ.like a better business bureau for moving companies.

If you are moving from one state to another, the movers can offer you discounts for crossing state lines.

These quotes can vary.

Go with a name brand company.

Check them out as much as possible as far as damage claims, etc.

Ask for referrals.

Make sure to point out pianos and sleeper sofas to the person giving you your quote. These items add to your moving expense and you donít want them to be a surprise to the movers.

Often you are even charged by the number of steps that the piano will have to be carried up and down - find this out in advance.

Ask the moving company for free used boxes. You may have to go pick up the moving boxes but this will give you a chance to check out their warehouse.

The warehouse should be reasonable clean and organized. Be wary if they donít want you to come to the office.

Packing Tips for Moving

Make sure to pack heavy items like books in small moving boxes.

Use the dish pack boxes for the dishes - they are reinforced to protect the dishes.

Closet hanger boxes are a must when your move. Fill the bottom with pillows first. Pillows take up a lot of room, but are not heavy.

When you pack, take your bed linens and bed pillows and put them in a dresser drawer. That way the first night in your new place you will be able to quickly find your linens and make your bed without looking through lots of moving boxes.

Clearly mark your boxes for their new destination.

When the Moverís Arrive at your new home

Arrive at your new home before the movers if possible. Cleaning an empty house is easy.

Figure out the closest route for the large items like the refrigerator, washer, dryer and piano.

Measure the doorways and remove doors on them if necessary.

Put signs in the room that say the name of the room that matches the way your boxes are labeled. For example: if you labeled your boxes: boys bedroom, donít put Jacobís room on the door.

Living areas are also confusing. We have an office, family room, living room and bonus room in our current house. Donít tell the movers to put something in the den. Be clear and organized they will love you for it.

Donít be shortsighted on furniture placement. Put a note in the bedrooms where your want the head of the bed. We had the movers move our old family room furniture up to the second floor bonus room and had the family room empty because we knew we were buying new furniture.

Get the movers to put the heavy stuff as close as possible to where it needs to be.

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