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Travel Tips and Hints for Vacations to Sea World

SeaWorld can be a great place to visit with family. Whether your family is into dolphins and killer whales before your visit or not, your family will be by the time you leave. Many people consider SeaWorld a good place to unwind from all the hustle and bustle of the other theme parks like Disney and Universal. They are right, in that SeaWorld can be a bit more relaxing, but don't think of SeaWorld as boring, because there is plenty to do. If you want to do everything, be sure to plan for two days.

The SeaWorld experiences can be divided up into three main categories: 1) shows 2) rides 3) marine exhibits.

SeaWorld Shows

The Shows at SeaWorld are incredible. They may vary from park to park, but in Orlando you will have the option to see several different shows. In our opinion, the absolute must see shows for the family include:

Believe: This is the Killer Whale show with Shamu. There are several killer whales in the show, a huge video screen that splits off and spins, lots of awesome tricks, and some audience interaction. This show is what SeaWorld is all about. The majesty of these awesome animals and the stunts they perform is amazing.

Tip: If you sit close, you will have a great seat to see the killer whales up close and even see down into the water through the side of the tank. However, you will get wet and water is cold.

Tip: Get there a few minutes early to get a good seat.

Clyde and Seamore: This is the SeaWorld sea lion show. Its more funny than anything and very entertaining.

Tip: Show up early and the Pirate Mime will entertain you.

Pets Ahoy: Kids will absolutely love this show. Dogs, cats, ducks, birds, and more do all sorts of creative and funny stunts. This is a bit different for SeaWorld as its not about marine life, but well worth seeing.

Blue Horizons: A dolphin show with divers and birds.

SeaWorld Rides

There aren't as many rides at SeaWorld as some other parks, but they do have a few thrill rides including a roller coaster (Kraken), water ride (Journey to Atlantis), and simulator ride (Wild Arctic).

For the kids: There is a fairly large section of kids rides called Shamu's Happy Harbor. In addition to rides there is a giant play area. Great place for the parents to take a break while the kids burn off some steam.

SeaWorld Exhibits

When you visit SeaWorld don't forget the exhibits. They are very relaxing, but also can be some of the best parts of your visit.

Dolphin Cove: This is a "must see" at SeaWorld. You actually get to feed and pet the dolphins. There are typically a lot of dolphins in the cove. It costs $5 for three fish, but its well worth it.

Tip: Show up early in the morning for the first feeding. The dolphins are hungry and active. Feedings are not all day and are at certain times. Be sure to plan to be there for a feeding.

Penguin Encounter: Fairly quick, but a great chance to see some penguins and cool off on a hot day.

Shark Encounter: See sharks up close. You actually go through a shark tank with sharks on all sides as well as on top of you. Great close up views.

Tip: This can be a bit scary for young kids.

Wild Arctic: Behind the simulator ride is a great exhibit of arctic animals including polar bears, walrus, and beluga whales. Don't miss this. Its hidden and easy to miss. There are great viewing areas including underwater viewing.

Other exhibits: Other great SeaWorld exhibits include Turtle Point, Pacific Point Preserve (feed the sea lions), and Stingray Lagoon (pet and feed the stingrays).


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