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See below for a list of movies where the bus was central to the plot line.

The Runaway Bus 2000 Frankie Howerd Margaret Rutherford
The Magic Schoolbus 1998
Get on the Bus 1996 Andre Braugher Ossie Davis
Speed 1994 Keanu Reeves Sandra Bullock
The Big Bus 1976 Joseph Bologna Stockard Channing
Bus Stop 1956 Marilyn Monroe Don Murray
Man on a Bus 1955 Walter Brennan Ruth Roman

I wasn't sure we could come up with a good list of bus movies. The list almost didn't make it, but Speed alone seemed to demand that we make the list. Speed is a good action packed movie that takes place almost entirely on a bus. Hard to believe, but it makes for a good movie. Other classic bus movies include Bus Stop with Marilyn Monroe and The Big Bus with Stockard Channing. We also like the Magic School bus series. This is a great video and TV series for kids and focuses on science giving kids a fun way to learn science.

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