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See below for a list of movies where the boat (or ship or submarine) was central to the plot line.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2003 Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom
The Perfect Storm 2000 George Clooney Mark Wahlberg
Titanic 1997 Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet
Crimson Tide 1995 Denzel Washington Gene Hackman
Raise the Titantic 1980 Jason Robards Richard Jordan
Ship of Fools 1965 Vivien Leigh Simon Signoret
Mutiny on the Bounty 1962 Marlon Brando Trevor Howard
Caine Mutiny 1954 Van Johnson Humphrey Bogart
Show Boat 1951 Kathryn Grayson Ava Gardner
Mutiny on the Bounty 1935 Charles Laughton Clark Gable

There are a lot of movies that have boats or ships or submarines. There are certainly a lot of war movies where warships or U-boats are the focus of the movie. We picked mostly non-war themed movies for this list. Some of our favorite boat movies include The Perfect Storm (amazing special effects on the storm, pretty good movie with George Clooney), Pirates of the Caribbean (great acting performance by Johnny Depp, very entertaining movie), Titanic (another great Leonardo DiCaprio movie and the highest grossing movie ever), and Mutiny on the Bounty (a true classic).

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