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See below for a list of movies where the airplane was central to the plot line.

The Aviator 2004 Leonardo DiCaprio Cate Blanchett
Soul Plane 2004 Kevin Hart Snoop Dog
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 1997 Steve Martin John Candy
Air Force One 1997 Harrison Ford Gary Oldman
Executive Decision 1996 Kurt Russell Halle Berry
Air America 1990 Mel Gibson Robert Downey, Jr.
Always 1989 Richard Dreyfuss Holly Hunter
Top Gun 1985 Tom Cruise Kelly McGillis
Airplane 2: The Sequel! 1982 Robert Hays Julia Hagerty
Airplane! 1980 Robert Hays Julia Hagerty
Aiport 1979: Concorde 1979 Eddie Albert Bibi Anderson
Airport 1977 1977 Jack Lemmon Lee Grant
The Great Waldo Pepper 1975 Robert Redford Susan Sarandon
Airport 1975 1974 Charlton Heston Karen Black
Airport 1970 Burt Lancaster Dean Martin
Flight of the Phoenix 1965 Jimmy Stewart Richard Attenborough
The Spirit of St. Louis 1957 Jimmy Stewart Murray Hamilton
Chain Lightning 1950 Humphrey Bogart Eleanor Parker

There are a lot of movies that have airplanes or aviation as part of the central plot line. A large number of these movies are war movies about pilots or squadrons. We didn't list all of these, but instead mostly listed movies that weren't about war leaving the air force type movies for another list specifically on war movies. Some of our favorite airplane movies include The Aviator (a great story about Howard Hughes that is extremely well done and has tremendous acting performances by Leonardo DiCaprio, Cat Blanchett, and Alan Alda); Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (very, very funny!); Air Force One (a good Harrison Ford thriller); and The Spirit of St. Louis (classic Jimmy Stewart). The 1970's brought us a number of airport disaster movies and then the follow up Airplane! movies that spoofed the earlier disaster movies.

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