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Movies Adapted from TV Sitcoms

See below for a list of movies that were adapted from a television sitcom.

Bewitched 2005 Nicole Kidman Will Farrell
My Favorite Martian 1999 Jeff Daniels Christopher Lloyd
Leave it to Beaver 1997 Cameron Finley Christopher McDonald
McHale's Navy 1997 Tom Arnold David Alan Grier
A Very Brady Sequel 1996 Shelley Long Gary Cole
Mystery Science Theater 3000 1996 Michael J. Nelson Trace Beaulieu
The Brady Bunch Movie 1995 Shelley Long Gary Cole
The Adams Family 1991 Anjelica Huston Raul Julia
The Muppet Movie 1979 Edgar Bergen Milton Berle

There have been a lot of Muppet Movies since the first Muppet movie in 1979. We've only listed one here, however, the Muppet Movies are the really only endearing quality to list of movies. The movie adaptation from television sitcoms has not done very well. the movies have not done very well either in the box office or with the critics. The only movies from this list that I would recommend would be some of the Muppet movies and these are mostly for kids. An odd note that almost all of these movies came out in the 90s when television adaptations were all the rage. Many of them probably were produced just to fill a void and to jump on the band wagon.

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