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   Susan Sarandon

Filmography - Movies that have starred Susan Sarandon.

Elizabethtown 2005
Romance and Cigarettes 2005
Alfie 2004
Noel 2004
Shall We Dance? 2004
The Nazi Officer's Wife 2003
The Party's Over 2003
The Banger Sisters 2002
Igby Goes Down 2002
June Moon 2002
Moonlight Mile 2002
The Rimers of Eldritch 2002
Cats and Dogs 2001
Light Keeps Me Company 2001
Joe Gould's Secret 2000
Rugrats in Paris 2000
Anywhere But Here 1999
Cradle Will Rock 1999
Earthly Possessions 1999
Illuminata 1999
Stepmom 1998
Twilight 1998
Dead Man Walking 1995
The Client 1994
Little Women 1994
Safe Passage 1994
Lorenzo's Oil 1993
Bob Roberts 1992
Light Sleeper 1992
The Player 1992
Thelma & Louise 1991
White Palace 1990
A Dry White Season 1989
The January Man 1989
Bull Durham 1988
Sweet Hearts Dance 1988
Women of Valor 1988
The Witches of Eastwick 1987
Compromising Positions 1985
Mussolini and I 1985
The Buddy System 1984
The Hunger 1983
Tempest 1982
Who Am I This Time? 1981
Atlantic City 1980
Loving Couples 1980
Something Short of Paradise 1979
The Great Smokey Roadblock 1978
King of the Gypsies 1978
Pretty Baby 1978
The Other Side of Midnight 1977
The Great Waldo Pepper 1975
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975
The Front Page 1974
The Last of the Belles 1974
Lovin' Molly 1974
Joe 1970

Susan Sarandon had been in a number of movies and was well respected as an actress for many years, but Sarandon did not become famous until the movie Bull Durham (Kevin Costner).  Susan met her future husband, Tim Robbins, on the set of Bull Durham.  Susan Sarandon had four Academy Award nominations and finally won for Dead Man Walking (Sean Penn).  Other notable Susan Sarandon movies include The Client, Little Women, Thelma and Louise (Geena Davis), and Lorenzo’s Oil (Nick Nolte).

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