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Nick Nolte


Filmography - Movies that have starred Nick Nolte.

Over the Hedge 2006
Clean 2005
The Beautiful Country 2005
Hotel Rwanda 2004
Clean 2004
Northfork 2003
The Hulk 2003
The Good Thief 2003
The Golden Bowl 2001
Trixie 2000
Simpatico 1999
Breakfast of Champions 1999
The Thin Red Line 1998
Nightwatch 1998
Affliction 1997
Afterglow 1997
U-Turn 1997
Mother Night 1996
Mulholland Falls 1996
Jefferson in Paris 1995
I Love Trouble 1994
Blue Chips 1994
I'll Do Anything 1994
Lorenzo's Oil 1993
The Player 1992
The Prince of Tides 1991
Cape Fear 1991
Another 48 Hours 1990
Q&A 1990
Everybody Wins 1990
Farewell to the King 1989
New York Stories 1989
Three Fugitives 1989
Weeds 1987
Extreme Prejudice 1987
Down and Out in Beverly Hills 1986
Grace Quigley 1985
Teachers 1984
Under Fire 1983
48 Hrs. 1982
Cannery Row 1982
Heart Beat 1980
North Dallas Forty 1979
Who'll Stop the Rain? 1978
The Deep 1977
Rich Man, Poor Man 1976
Return to Macon County 1975
The Runaway Barge 1975
Death Sentence 1974

Nick Nolte is an American actor and has appeared in over 40 films.  Nolte is known for his gravelly voice on screen and his drinking problems off screen.  Nick Nolte has been in a number of notable movies including 48 Hours (Eddie Murphy), Cape Fear (Robert De Niro), Mulholland Falls (Melanie Griffith), and Jefferson in Paris (Gwyneth Paltrow).  Nick Nolte received some critical recognition for his roles in The Prince of Tides and Affliction (Sissy Spacek ).

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