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  Sean Penn

Filmography - Movies that have starred Sean Penn.

The Interpreter 2005
Bukowski: Born into This 2004
It's All About Love 2004
The Assassination of Richard Nixon 2004
21 Grams 2003
Mystic River 2003
The Weight of Water 2002
Beaver Trilogy 2001
Dogtown and Z-boys 2001
I am Sam 2001
Before Night Falls 2000
Up at the villa 2000
Sweet and Lowdown 1999
Hurlyburly 1998
The Thin Red Line 1998
Hugo Pool 1997
She's So Lovely 1997
The Game 1997
U-Turn 1997
Dead Man Walking 1995
Carlito's Way 1993
State of Grace 1990
Casualties of War 1989
Colors 1989
We're no Angels 1989
Cool Blue 1988
Judgment in Berlin 1988
At Close Range 1986
Shanghai Surprise 1986
The Falcon and The Snowman 1985
Crackers 1984
Racing With the Moon 1984
Bad Boys 1983
Fast Times and Ridgemont High 1982
Taps 1981
The Killin of Randy Webster 1981

Sean Penn got started with a role as a drugged loser in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  For the next several years Penn’s movie career would be scattered with good films and duds like Shanghai Surprise.  For some time Sean Penn was known more for his marriage to Madonna and his erratic behavior than his acting.  However, a mature Sean Penn has proven that he has real talent with movies such as I Am Sam (Michelle Pfieffer), Mystic River (Kevin Bacon), Sweet and Lowdown, and Dead Man Walking (Susan Sarandon) all of which Sean Penn was nominated for an Academy Award.  Other notable Sean Penn movies include The Game, Carlito’s Way (Al Pacino), and The Interpreter (Nicole Kidman).

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