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Al Pacino


Filmography - Movies that have starred Al Pacino.

Two for the Money

William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

Angels in America


People I Know

The Recruit

Stuck on You

Chinese Coffee



Any Given Sunday

The Insider

Devil's Advocate

Donnie Brasco

City Hall

Looking for Richard


Two Bits

Carlito's Way

Glengarry Glen Ross

Scent of a Woman

Frankie and Johnny

Dick Tracy

The Godfather Part III

Sea of Love



Author! Author!


And Justice for All

Bobby Deerfield

Dog Day Afternoon

The Godfather Part II



The Godfather

Al Pacino has to be considered as one of the greatest actors ever.  His film career got off to a great start with the Godfather (Marlon Brando) in 1972.  Al Pacino was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.  Pacino's role throughout the Godfather series were key to it being one of the all time classic movie trilogies.  Al Pacino continued to be in some of the best movies of his era.  Despite being critically acclaimed, Pacino's first and only Oscar win was for Scent of a Woman.  Al Pacino has appeared in over 35 movies.  Other notable Al Pacino movies include The Godfather Part II (Robert Duvall), Scarface (Michelle Pfeiffer), and The Insider (Russell Crowe).  Al Pacino is often compared to Robert De Niro.  Al Pacino is an American movie actor.  Al Pacino was also in Glengary Glen Ross .  Pacino was nominate for Best Supporting actor for his role.  The same year Pacino was nominated for Best Actor. Pacino the first actor to do this.

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