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Colin Farrell


Filmography - Movies that have starred Colin Farrell.

Miami Vice

The New World


A Home at the End of the World



Phone Booth

The Recruit


Veronica Guerin

Hart's War

Minority Report

Ordinary Decent Criminal

American Outlaws




Colin Farrell is Hollywoods current bad boy.  Farrell gained recognition for his role in the movie Tigerland and proceeded to land major acting roles in several films including SWAT (Samuel L. Jackson), The Recruit (Al Pacino), and the upcoming movie version of the TV series Miami Vice (Jamie Foxx).  Farrell has appeared in over 15 movies of note.  Perhaps Colin Farrell's biggest role came in Alexander (Angelina Jolie) where he played the title role.  Unfortunately, especially for Oliver Stone, the film was a box office dud.  Other notable Colin Farrell movies include Minority Report (Tom Cruise) and Phone Booth (Katie Holmes ).  Colin Farrell is an Irish movie actor.

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