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   Tom Cruise

Filmography - Movies that have starred Tom Cruise.

War of the Worlds 2005
Collateral 2004
Last Samurai 2003
Austin Powers Goldmember 2002
Narc 2002
Space Station 2002
Vanilla Sky 2001
Mission: Impossible 2 2000
Eyes Wide Shut 1999
Magnolia 1999
Jerry Maguire 1996
Mission: Impossible 1996
Interview with the Vampire 1994
The Firm 1993
A Few Good Men 1992
Far and Away 1992
Days of Thunder 1990
Born on the 4th of July 1989
Cocktail 1988
Rainman 1988
Legend 1986
The Color of Money 1986
Top Gun 1986
All the Right Moves 1983
Risky Business 1983
The Outsiders 1983
Losin' It 1982
Endless Love 1981
Taps 1981

Interesting Info on Tom Cruise Movies:

Tom has been in 29 movies (as of 2005).  Tom Cruise's first movie was Taps in 1981.  The most movies to be released in a single year starring Tom Cruize has been three.  This happened three times (1983, 1986, 2002).  Since Tom's first movie there have been several years with no new releases starring Tom (1984, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1995, 1997, 1998).    Tom Cruise has won three Golden Globe awards:  Best Supporting Actor in Magnolia, Best Actor in Jerry Maguire, and Best Actor in Born on the 4th of July.  Tom Cruise has been nominated for Academy Awards 3 times, but has never won.  Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood�s top movie stars.  At the start of Cruise�s career he had some small roles in fairly big movies including The Outsiders (Matt Dillon) and Taps.  Tom Cruise gained fame as a teen star with Risky Business and All the Right moves, but it was Top Gun that shot Tom to international fame.  Tom Cruises movie success has yet to wane.  Other notable Tom Cruise movies include Rain Man (Dustin Hoffman), Born on the 4th of July, A Few Good Men (Jack Nicholson), Jerry Maguire (Renee Zellweger), and Mission: Impossible.  Cruise is also known for his relationships with actresses Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, and Katie Holmes.  Tom Cruise has received three Academy Award nominations. 

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