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Travel insurance can eliminate some of the stress and unknowns about travel.

There are various types of travel insurance depending on the need of the traveler and the type of trip they are taking.

The most popular type of travel insurance is travel package insurance. Travel package insurance plans are for a single trip and are usually used to protect the investment put into a vacation trip that is often non-cancellable. These travel insurance plans can protect against events like travel delay, lost baggage, weather cancellation, trip interruption for evacuation or weather, medical expense, and more. Each plan is different, so make sure you understand what the travel insurance you are buying covers. Be sure to ask the agent any questions and to read the insurance policy carefully.

The premiums for travel package insurance can vary depending on the cost of the trip, age of the traveler, etc. They often buy peace of mind on an expensive trip like a cruise that may not be cancellable unless the travel insurance is purchased.

Other types of travel insurance include medical (to cover medical expenses when outside the country of your sure to check with your health insurance agent to find out if you are covered when leaving the country), Accidental Death, and Medical evacuation.

Depending on the policy, travel insurance can help with such things as:
  • Emergency cash in the case where you are robbed
  • Medical evacuation if you are in a country or place that does not have the medical facilities to treat you
  • Cancellation fees if you need to cancel. Sometimes the reason you can cancel and get a refund can vary. For example, you may get to cancel only for medical reasons in your immediate family. Other travel insurance policies may allow you to cancel for any reason.
  • The Cruise Line or Resort you are traveling to goes bankrupt, insurance may refund your deposits
  • You have to leave your vacation early due to bad weather like a hurricane or other event like a terrorist threat. Travel insurance may refund you for the remainder of your trip costs.

Make your plans ahead if you plan to buy travel insurance. Some companies will let you purchase a policy 24 hours before your departure, but this time may vary. Again, be sure to have all the details of what is and isn't covered explained to you by the agent as well as in writing.


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