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These software programs are no longer recommended for new users. The website and downloads will be left up for a limited period of time as an archive for existing users.

Keeping track of your home inventory can be an important step in organizing and protecting yourself. Knowing what your assets are, having record of them, and some detailed descriptions can help you in recovering them as well as getting compensated for them by your insurance in certain cases.

Home Inventory Manager is a program that can help you track, organize, and catalogue all the items in your home. The software is flexible to help catalogue items according to your needs.

Home Inventory Manager uses a simple GUI to allow you to easily organize your stuff. The main screen has most all the controls and information visible to you. There is an item list where you can browse through your belongings. This list can be filtered by category such as furniture, jewelry, electronics, or whatever categories you have used. It can be sorted by either the item name or by room (for example dining room or kitchen). As you browse through this list of your home inventory, you can see a photo or picture of the item below the list and the data fields to the right of the list. When an item is selected you can change the data under the fields.

Many data fields are supported by Home Inventory Manager. Standard fields include condition, category, value, serial number, warranty, purchase date, etc. All of these fields can be customized by you to fit your home inventory needs. Reports can be printed and sorted by the fields using the information you have entered. Labels can also be printed.

Other features include:

1) exporting your data into a .csv file so you can then use the data in a spreadsheet or other program later.
2) a Details section where you can enter a description or details that you consider important and that can't be entered into a data field
3) a History section to track the past ownership or other history of the item
4) Copy, Save, and Undo features for easy updating and editing of inventory
5) A search function allowing you to search the database in the case where you have a large home inventory and are having difficulty finding certain entries
6) Help is included in the program.
7) An example home inventory file is included in the install to help get you started

Home Inventory Manager is free to download and use.

Please note that, although we hope this program can help you track all the needed information for cataloging your home inventory. We make no guarantees that this will help with recovering losses from your insurance. Please contact your insurance company or agent to verify how and what you need to track. We take no responsibilities for any losses. You use this software as is and at your own risk.

Main Screen Shot
(Manage your home inventory - Click the picture below to see full view)
Data Entry Screen Shot
(Home Inventory Field Names - Click the picture below to see full view)

Archived download only. Not for new users.


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