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Auto or Car insurance is for protection of your car, or other vehicle, against fire damage, theft, or accidents (collisions). Depending on the type of auto insurance various damages to property or parties are covered. These items include you (the insured or owner of the car), the car itself (collision), other people, property, and autos involved in a crash (often called third parties).

Different types of auto insurance contracts only cover certain types of damage or theft. You should ask your auto insurance agent as well as read your contract in detail to fully understand the limits and coverage of your policy.

In many countries and states it is the law that all vehicles and drivers have some kind of auto insurance. The primary reason is to protect others from financial losses due to damage to their vehicle or injury caused in an accident. The law usually lets collision insurance (damage to the insured's car) and theft insurance be optional.

Most car insurance premiums or contracts cover a 6 month or one year period of time. Often auto insurance payments can be made at one time (for the entire period) or monthly.

The premiums on car insurance can vary widely depending on numerous factors including a driver's past driving record (accidents or tickets), age, type of car, location, deductible, etc. Typically the lower the driver's age, the more tickets and accidents the driver has, the more expensive the car, and the lower the deductible, the higher the vehicle insurance premium will be.

Keep this in mind when driving. If you drive safely and within the law, your premiums may get lower over time. Also, some insurance companies will forgive a single mistake for a ticket or wreck after you have proven yourself to be a reliable driver. The difference in auto premiums can differ dramatically for drivers with a poor driving record.


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