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Select the misc. financial program you are interested in to get to information page.  This page will have more detailed infomation on the misc. financial program as well as a direct download to the shareware or freeware version of the program.  All data and software is provided by the third party company.

Exl-Plan Ultra (UK-I edition) v.2.6
Business plan projections for new/substantial businesses (sales $3m plus).

Exl-Plan Lite (US-C edition) v.2.6
Business plan projections for new/smallish businesses (e.g. sales $0.5 to $2 m).

Job Social v.1.0
Web-enabled Job Finder and employment recruiting software for new candidates

SmartMedium FINANCE v.2.18
Analyse your income and expenses and create detailed graphs and reports.

Easy Expense Tracker v.1.4
Easy financial tracking and reporting for both business and or personal use.

Omega Enterprise Manager v.1.5.1
Omega Enterprise Manager a complete administrative solution for your business

Cashflow Plan Micro v.1.3
Business cash flow planner- Ideal for very small businesses.

Jumpstart-it Event Management Software v.1.0
Great event administration: Windows, Internet, online forms, email, letters, $$$

Wall Street Raider v.3.00
Wall Street stock market/corporate financial simulation and learning experience

Business Letter Professional v.5.1
Best business letter writing software - 1000+ typical business letter templates.


Download and install all financial software and other applications at your own risk. TSI and Duck Software have do not have any responsibility for the software you download and install.  Any software agreement is between and the software shareware or freeware company providing the software.



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