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Select the financial calculator program you are interested in to get to information page.  This page will have more detailed infomation on the financial calculator program as well as a direct download to the shareware or freeware version of the program.  All data and software is provided by the third party company.

Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer v.1.15
Figure and calculate any changes or adjustments to your mortgage or loan including early payments or skipped payments.

1st Calculator v.1.15
Expression calculator and converter with skins and lots of features

ActiCalc Desktop Calculator v.2.5
Calculator with spreadsheet-like tape. One-click integration with Excel.

AddUp v.2
All-purpose calculator with a rich set of functions for finance and the sciences

Canadian Loan Spread Calculator Pro v.1.8.01
Provides a unique perspective on borrowing/lending money.

Deskcalc Pro v.3.0.9
Software adding machine, tape, Excel export, correction possibilities, sales tax

DreamCalc 3 - Financial Calculator v.3
DreamCalc 3 - Scientific & Financial Calculator (Professional Edition)

FinancialPak 4.0 - Personal Finance Calculators v.4.0
Personal Finance Calculators providing quick answers to financial questions.

Fincalc v.6.0
Windows financial calculator for investments and lending.

Home Buyers Calculator Suite v.2.2.04
Calculate the financial scenarios related to the purchase or sale of real estate

MoneyToys - Refinancing Calculator applet v.1.3
An easy-to-use Refinancing Calculator applet

Real Estate Calculator Suite v.4.0
Suite of 16 real estate calculators make real estate math easy!

RoboRiches Calculator v.1.0
Compound Interest Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, Credit Card Interest Calc

tApCalc Suite, Financial,Accounting,Scientific tap v.1.44
Financial,Accounting,Scientific tape calculator allowing save,edit,rerun,beam

Tax Brackets Calculator 2005 v.1.01
Estimate your tax brackets and calculate your federal tax for 2000-2005

WGCalculator v.1.4.0
WGCalculator is excellent replacement to the standard Windows calculator.

Download and install all financial software and other applications at your own risk. TSI and Duck Software have do not have any responsibility for the software you download and install.  Any software agreement is between you and the software shareware or freeware company providing the software.



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