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If you would like to get your financial software listed on our web site please send an email to:

[email protected]

Please include the PAD URL and a URL to a reciprocal link or the following information:

  1. link to your site
  2. the direct link to your download
  3. a description of your financial software
  4. URL to your link

ALSO, please include a link on your web site to our site AND send us the URL where that link is placed.  We will have limited number of programs listed and programs without reciprocal links will most likely not be listed.  If you do place a reciprocal link, your software will be listed and a link to your web site will be included in that listing.

If you are worried about pointing customers to potential competitors, please note, you may link to any place on the web site including our MoviesGet out of DebtFinancial Terms, or Organize web sites.  None of which promote or sell software.

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Download and install all financial software and other applications at your own risk. TSI and Duck Software have do not have any responsibility for the software you download and install.  Any software agreement is between and the software shareware or freeware company providing the software.



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