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Software Tracker v4.0

Software Organizer program CD

These software programs are no longer recommended for new users. The website and downloads will be left up for a limited period of time as an archive for existing users.

Software Tracker is an easy to use inventory program that can be used to organize and catalog your software. Use Software Tracker to browse through your software sorting by title or manufacturer. You can browse through the entire list or narrow down the list by selecting a category tab above the browse list. When a particular software title is selected the data fields are shown to the right. Also, a picture of the box or other .jpg or .gif file that you want to associate with this program is shown below the list.

When inventorying a software program, you can enter in a number of different data fields including location, supplier, warranty, revision, serial number, media, and more. Each of these information fields can be customized to a label that fits your inventory scheme better. For example, instead of having a field called serial number, you may change this to Software ID or operating system (OS). Larger text fields are also included for detailed descriptions or system requirements.

For larger software inventory collections a search function is included to more easily find titles in a long list. Help is included in Software Tracker and you can export the database to a .csv file for import or use by other programs.

Reports can be printed out of your software inventory. Standard reports are included, but you can also make custom reports to more suit your needs.

Software Tracker may be updated with new features or bug fixes in the future so make sure to check back occasionally to see if a new version or revision is available.

Keep inventory of your software assets with this free program.

Software Organizer Screen Shot

Click on Software Organzier Screen shot above for full screen view.

Screen Shots:

Software Organizer Fields

Click on Fields screen shot above for full screen view.

Software Organizer Report

Click on Totals Screen shot above for full screen view.

Feature list:

Many customizable data fields tracked per software program in inventory
  • Standard and custom printable reports
  • Export of database to .csv file
  • Simple browsing through inventory with graphic to help view what software package you have selected
  • All features included in the freeware version.

Archived download only. Not for new users.

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