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Golf Tracker v3.1
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golf software 

These software programs are no longer recommended for new users. The website and downloads will be left up for a limited period of time as an archive for existing users.

Golf is a beautiful game. It's also one of the toughest sports you can play. In order to lower your score at golf you need to know where your weaknesses are so you can focus your practice time. Golf Tracker software is designed to help you understand your game. Where you are performing well and where you need more practice.  
Golf Tracker software allows you to compile and analyze various statistics of your game. For each round of golf you play you can track stats like putts, drive length, greens in regulation, water balls, lost balls, bunkers, fairways hit, handicap, and more. It will give you stats like how you are performing on par 3s vs. par 4's vs. par 5's.

Overall averages for each golf statistic are compiled and can be shown as an overall average or per golf course. So you can see how you are scoring on one golf course versus another. Your overall handicap is compiled as well. Golf Tracker also has a picture feature where you can store multiple pictures of a golf course or round played. They can be displayed as you browse through rounds of golf.

The main screen of the Golf scoring program has a list of rounds which can be sorted by golf course, score, and date. The statistics, as well as any picture, are displayed for the round which is currently selected. An over all average of golf statistics is shown. These can be shown for all rounds or select the tab at the top to just show averages for a particular golf course. To see all the overall golf statistics select the Totals button. Details for each golf course can be added using the Course button.

Golf Tracker software also has reports you can print. This includes a detailed report of each golf round you've already played. You can also print a blank score card that you can fill out while playing and then enter later into the software.

We hope you enjoy our golf score software. Right now the program is free. Be sure to check back often to see if we've had an update or added new features.

Now get out there, strike that ball, and get that handicap down to something respectable!

Free Download of  Golf Tracker

Scoring Software Screen Shots:

Golf Tracker Screen Shot

Click on Golf Tracker Screen shot above for full screen view.

Golf Averages and Totals

Click on Golf Score Totals Screen shot above for full screen view.

Add and Edit Golf Course

Click on Golf Course Screen shot above for full screen view.

Archived download only. Not for new users.

More Program Screen Shots:

  Golf Course Score Card
Edit Golf Round 
Golf Round Report Printout 
Golf Score Card
Edit Golf Round
Golf Round Report

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