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Coin Collector Software  
Coin  Collector

These software programs are no longer recommended for new users. The website and downloads will be left up for a limited period of time as an archive for existing users.

Coin Collecting can be both a good investment and a fun hobby. Coin Collector software is an easy to use free organizer program for your collection.

The basic idea behind Coin Collector software is to have a customizable database of all the information on your coins in a single place where you can browse, print out, and edit all sorts of information on your collection. To keep the program's GUI simple, most all the information can be viewed and edited per the main screen. A list of coins is on the left side and can be browsed using arrow or up/down keys. As you browse through the collection, when a coin is highlighted the information for that coin is displayed in the fields to the left of the screen. Also, a picture of the coin can be displayed below the list. The list can also be sorted by the coin description name or Issue Date. You can have all the coins in the list or view smaller lists of categories by using the tabs above the list.

There are many data fields for information on each coin. You don't need to fill in all them, just the ones you find useful. You can also change the default labels for each field to something more pertaining to your coin collection. Examples of default fields include Mint, Weight, Edge, Denomination, Grade, Designer, Location, Value, etc. Of course you can change any of these using the custom label option.

Other features include searching the coin database with "Find", exporting your data to a .csv for use with other spreadsheets or programs, help, custom and standard reports for printing.

Whether you are a serious numismatist, trader, investor, or casual collector we hope that this software will help you keep your coin collection organizer. It's now offered for free to use and download. Check back regularly to see if we've made improvements or updates.
Be sure to download and try out Coin Collector free today. 

Coin collector Screen Shot

Click on Coin Collector Screen shot above for full screen view.

Coin Collector 3.0 FEATURES:
1) Integrated Help for Coin Collector
2) Multiple coin files
3) Reports: several standard report options are available that sort
 on various data fields on each.  Custom reports are now available.
4) Lots of Fields: Coin Collector supports several fields all of which you
 can change the label of if you would like to call them something different.
5) Detail and History Sections:  The 'Details' section allows you to enter a detailed descriptiom of the coin.  The "History" section is for you to put any special history surrounding the coin including the purchasing history.
6) Export and Import: import and export .csv files.

Screen Shots:

Coin Organizer Fields

Click on Fields screen shot above for full screen view.

Coin Organizer Report

Click on Reports Screen shot above for full screen view.

Archived download only. Not for new users.

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