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If you are an avid collector of Christmas ornaments, or ornaments of any kind for that matter, then Ornament Organizer may be able to help you catalog your collection.

Ornament Organizer is a free to download and use software program. It's designed to be easy to use with all the main features and functions on the main screen. For each ornament you can record 16 different fields for items such as ornament name, series, value, year made, manufacturer (i.e. Hallmark), artist, category and more. There are larger text fields, too, which allow you to put in longer descriptions or maybe the history of the Christmas ornament.

To further help you catalog and organize your Christmas ornaments, the software has features such as sorting, tabs for various categories (i.e. Christmas), search the database using the "Find" button, even a library section with special features such as "lent to" or "given to". Maybe most important, the software has printable reports and labels, so you can get an overview of what you have in your collection and to help you physically organize it.

We hope you enjoy this free to use program. Christmas is a wonderful time and maybe this program will help you with your fun hobby of collecting Christmas ornaments. Please feel free to download this software and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Click on the above picture to see full size screen of Christmas Ornament collection software.
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