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James Woods


Filmography - Movies that have starred James Woods.

Be Cool 2005
The Easter Egg Adventure 2005
Pretty Persuasion 2005
Vampires Box Set 2005
This Girl's Life 2004
Northfork 2003
Rudy - The Rudy Giuliani Story 2003
John Q. 2002
Stuart Little 2 2002
Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within 2001
Riding in Cars With Boys 2001
Scary Movie 2 2001
Dirty Pictures 2000
The Virgin Suicides 2000
Any Given Sunday 1999
The General's Daughter 1999
Play It to the Bone 1999
True Crime 1999
Another Day in Paradise 1998
John Carpenter's Vampires 1998
Vampires 1998
Contact 1997
Hercules 1997
Kicked in the Head 1997
For Better or Worse 1996
Ghosts of Mississippi 1996
The Summer of Ben Tyler 1996
Casino 1995
Curse of the Starving Class 1995
Indictment: The McMartin Trial 1995
Killer: A Journal of Murder 1995
Nixon 1995
The Getaway 1994
Next Door 1994
The Specialist 1994
Chaplin 1992
Citizen Cohn 1992
Diggstown 1992
Straight Talk 1992
The Hard Way 1991
Immediate Family 1989
My Name Is Bill W. 1989
True Believer 1989
The Boost 1988
Cop 1988
Best Seller 1987
In Love and War 1987
Salvador 1986
Badge of the Assassin 1985
Cat's Eye 1985
Joshua Then and Now 1985
Against All Odds 1984
Once Upon A Time In America 1984
Videodrome 1983
Split Image 1982
Eyewitness 1981
Fast-Walking 1981
The Black Marble 1980
The Onion Field 1979
The Gift of Love 1978
Holocaust 1978
The Choirboys 1977
The Disappearance of Aimee 1976
Night Moves 1975
The Visitors 1972

James Woods is known for creating intense characters in a variety of roles with his acting.  Woods has been nominated for Academy Awards for Ghosts of Mississippi and Salvador (Oliver Stone).  Other notable James Woods movies include Any Given Sunday (Cameron Diaz, Al Pacino ), Be Cool (John Travolta, Uma Thurman), Once Upon a Time in America (Robert De Niro), and Casino (Sharon Stone).   James Woods is also known for recognizing men casing a plane he was on.  These men were later involved in the 9/11 attack.

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