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James Caviezel


Filmography - Movies that have starred James Caviezel.

Madison 2005
Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius 2004
Highwaymen 2004
I Am David 2004
The Passion of the Christ 2004
The Final Cut 2004
The Count of Monte Cristo 2002
High Crimes 2002
Angel Eyes 2001
Frequency 2000
Pay It Forward 2000
Any Given Sunday 1999
Ride With the Devil 1999
The Thin Red Line 1998
GI Jane 1997

James Caviezel had played some decent roles in some good movies.  His roles in Pay It Forward (Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt) and The Thin Red Line had brought him some recognition.  But Caviezel's role of Jesus Christ in The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson) may forever define his acting career.  His stunning and passionate portrayal of the Christ affected movie goers in a deep and spiritual manner.  The popularity of the movie and the honestly painful action of Caviezel brought the story of Jesus to places of the world that had never imagined what Christ went through.  James has appeared in over 15 movies.  Other notable James Caviezel movies include Frequency (Dennis Quaid), Any Given Sunday (Cameron Diaz, Al Pacino), and The Final Cut (Robin Williams ).

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