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Annette Bening


Filmography - Movies that have starred Annette Bening.

Being Julia 2004
Open Range 2003
What Planet Are You From? 2000
American Beauty 1999
In Dreams 1999
The Siege 1998
Mars Attacks! 1996
The American President 1995
Richard III 1995
Love Affair 1994
Bugsy 1991
Guilty By Suspicion 1991
Regarding Henry 1991
The Grifters 1990
Postcards From the Edge 1990
Valmont 1990
The Great Outdoors 1988

Annette Bening's film career got kick started by her role in The Grifters (John Cusack).  Annette was critically acclaimed and got nominated for Best Supporting Actress.  Bening is perhaps most famous for her relationship with Warren Beatty.  Some notable Annette Bening movies are The American President (Michael Douglas), Postcards From the Edge (Meryl Streep), and Regarding Henry (Harrison Ford ). Annette Bening has been a major Hollywood actress since 1990.

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