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  John Cusack

Filmography - Movies that have starred John Cusack.

Chicken Little 2005
The Ice Harvest 2005
Must Love Dogs 2005
Identity 2003
Runaway Jury 2003
Max 2002
America's Sweethearts 2001
Serendipity 2001
High Fidelity 2000
Being John Malkovich 1999
Cradle Will Rock 1999
Hellcab 1999
The Jack Bull 1999
Pushing Tin 1999
This is My Father 1999
The Thin Red Line 1998
Anastasia 1997
Con Air 1997
Grosse Pointe Blank 1997
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 1997
City Hall 1996
Bullets Over Broadway 1994
Floundering 1994
The Road to Wellville 1994
Map of the Human Heart 1993
Money for Nothing 1993
Bob Roberts 1992
Roadside Prophets 1992
Shadows and Fog 1992
True Colors 1991
The Grifters 1990
Fat Man and Little Boy 1989
Say Anything 1989
Tapeheads 1989
Eight Men Out 1988
Hot Pursuit 1987
One Crazy Summer 1986
Stand by Me 1986
Better Off Dead 1985
The Journey of Natty Gann 1985
The Sure Thing 1985
Sixteen Candles 1984
Class 1983

John Cusack had some success at an early age as the star of several teen-oriented films.  In his later career, Cusack has generally sought roles which cast him as a conflicted regular guy, however Cusack has played a wide variety of characters.  Cusack's success has continued to grow with the success of the black comedy Grosse Pointe Blank (which he also co-wrote and produced) and the action movie Con Air.  Although these characters were more mainstream, John Cusack does choose roles in movies outside the mainstream such as Being John Malkovich and High Fidelity.  John's sister Joan Cusack is also a successful movie actress.

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