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Woody Harrelson


Filmography - Movies that have starred Woody Harrelson.

A Scanner Darkly 2005
The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio 2005
After the Sunset 2004
She Hate Me 2004
Anger Management 2003
Scorched 2003
American Saint 2001
Grass 2000
Austin Powers: the Spy Who Shagged Me 1999
Edtv 1999
Play It to the Bone 1999
The Hi-Lo Country 1998
Palmetto 1998
The Thin Red Line 1998
Wag the Dog 1998
Shelley Duvall's Mother Goose Rock 'n Rhyme 1997
Welcome to Sarajevo 1997
Kingpin 1996
The People vs. Larry Flynt 1996
Sunchaser 1996
Money Train 1995
The Cowboy Way 1994
I'll Do Anything 1994
Natural Born Killers 1994
Indecent Proposal 1993
Ted & Venus 1992
White Men Can't Jump 1992
Bay Cove 1991
Doc Hollywood 1991
Mother Goose Rock 'N Rhyme 1990
Cool Blue 1988
Wildcats 1986

Woody Harrelson first became known as the fun loving goofy Woody on the hit TV sitcom Cheers.  Since then Harrelson has had a fairly successful movie career.  Woody has appeared in a wide variety of movies.  Notable Wood Harrelson movies include White Men Can't Jump (Wesley Snipes), Kingpin (Bill Murray), Wag the Dog (Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro), and Edtv (Matthew McConaughey).  Woody Harrelson is an American TV and movie actor.

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