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Tommy Lee Jones


Filmography - Movies that have starred Tommy Lee Jones.

Cheer Up

Man of the House

The Hunted

The Missing

Men in Black II

Rules of Engagement

Space Cowboys

Double Jeopardy

Small Soldiers

US Marshals

Men In Black


Batman Forever

Blown Away

Blue Sky

Broken Vows

The Client


Natural Born Killers

The Fugitive

Heaven and Earth

House of Cards

Under Siege


Fire Birds

Lonesome Dove

The Package

Stormy Monday

Strander on My Land

April Morning

The Big Town

Black Moon Rising

Yuri Nosenko, KGB

The Park is Mine

The River Rat

Nate and Hayes

The Executioner's Song

Back Roads

Barn Burning

Coal Miner's Daughter

The Betsy

Eyes of Laura Mars

The Amazing Howard Hughes

Rolling Thunder

Jackson County Jail

Eliza's Horoscope



Tommy Lee Jones has been in 46 movies during is long and varied movie career.  Jones was originally more of a TV and stage actor who played minor roles in the movies.  Then in the 90's with Tommy's outstanding performances in JFK (Oliver Stone) and The Fugitive (Harrison Ford), Tommy Lee Jones moved into lead movie roles and Jones became a major film actor on the Hollywood movie scene.  Tommy Lee Jone has played varying roles from the villain in Batman Forever (Nicole Kidman) to the comic hero in Men in Black (Will Smith).  Some interesting tidbits on Tommy Lee Jones:  Tommy was the room mate of Al Gore at Harvard and graduated at the top of his class.  Other notable Tommy Lee Jones movies include Space Cowboys (Clint Eastwood) and US Marshalls .  Tommy Lee Jones stoic and tough, yet somehow funny portrayal of characters is very entertaining.  Tommy Lee Jones is an American movie actor.

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