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Tom Hanks


Filmography - Movies that have starred Tom Hanks.

He Knows You're Alone

Mazes and Monsters

Bachelor Party


The Man With One Red Shoe


Every Time We Say Goodbye

Nothing in Common

The Money Pit




The Burbs

Turner and Hooch

Joe Versus the Volcano

The Bonfire of the Vanities

A League of Their Own

Radio Flyer


Sleepless in Seattle

Forrest Gump

Apollo 13

Toy Story 

That Thing You Do

Saving Private Ryan

You've Got Mail

The Green Mile

Toy Story 2

Cast Away

Catch Me if You Can

Road to Perdition

The LadyKillers

The Polar Express

The Terminal

The Da Vinci Code



Tom Hanks is one of the most prolific movie actors of our time.  Tom Hanks not only is a great movie actor, but consistently puts out top quality movies and characters.   Tom Hanks has appeared in over 31 movies.  Forrest Gump won Tom Hanks the Oscar for best actor and also won the best movie award. Several other Tom Hanks performances and movies have garnered awards.  Memorable Tom Hanks characters include Woody Cowboy of Toy Story and Toy Story 2.  One of the all time great kid characters in movies.  Also, Hanks performance in the movie The Terminal (Catherine Zeta-Jones) was masterful.  Tom Hanks movies are almost a guarantee of high quality, good acting, and a memorable time.  Tom's movies have a wide variety of genre and style.  Hanks puts a touch of humanity into his roles and injects them right into the movie like no other actor of our time.  Other notable Tom Hanks movies include Catch Me if You Can (Leonardo DiCaprio), The Green Mile (Michael Clarke Duncan), Saving Private Ryan (Steven Spielberg), Apollo 13 (Kevin Bacon), and Philadephia (Denzel Washington ).  Tom Hanks is an American movie actor.

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