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Sophia Loren


Filmography - Movies that have starred Sophia Loren.

Grumpier Old Men 1995
Ready to Wear 1994
Angela 1990
Running Away 1989
Courage 1986
Aurora 1984
Sophia Loren - Her Own Story 1980
Firepower 1979
Blood Feud 1978
A Special Day 1977
The Cassandra Crossing 1976
Man of La Mancha 1972
A Countess From Hong Kong 1967
Arabesque 1966
Lady L 1965
Operation Crossbow 1965
The Fall of the Roman Empire 1964
Marriage - Italian Style 1964
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 1964
Five Miles to Midnight 1963
Boccaccio '70 1962
Madame 1962
El Cid 1961
Two Women 1961
A Breath of Scandal 1960
Heller in Pink Tights 1960
It Started in Naples 1960
The Millionairess 1960
The Black Orchid 1959
Desire Under the Elms 1958
Houseboat 1958
The Key 1958
The Gold of Naples 1957
Legend of the Lost 1957
The Pride and the Passion 1957
What a Woman! 1956
Too Bad She's Bad 1955
Two Nights With Cleopatra 1954

Sophia Loren is an Italian movie actress.  Sophia Loren became a huge star in the 60's with such movies as The Millionairess (Peter Sellers) and The Fall of The Roman Empire (Alec Guinness).  Other notable Sophia Loren movies include Lady L (Paul Newman), The Voyage (Richard Burton), and A Countess From Hong Kong.  Sophia Loren has appeared in over 80 movies.  Sophia is considered one of the greatest actresses in the history of movies.

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