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Patrick Dempsey


Filmography - Movies that have starred Patrick Dempsey.

  • Transformers 3 (2011)
  • Valentine's Day (2010)
  • Made of Honor (2008)
  • Enchanted (2007)
  • Freedom Writers (2007)
  • National Lampoon s Cattle Call (2006)
  • Iron Jawed Angels (2004)
  • Sweet Home Alabama (2002)
  • Scream 3 (2000)
  • Crime and Punishment (1999)
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1998)
  • Me and Will (1998)
  • Something About Sex (1998)
  • There s No Fish Food in Heaven (1998)
  • The Treat (1998)
  • Hugo Pool (1997)
  • Bloodknot (1995)
  • Outbreak (1995)
  • The Right to Remain Silent (1995)
  • Ava's Magical Adventure (1994)
  • With Honors (1994)
  • Bank Robber (1993)
  • Face the Music (1993)
  • For Better and For Worse (1993)
  • JFK: Reckless Youth (1993)
  • Denial (1991)
  • Mobsters (1991)
  • Run (1991)
  • Coupe de Ville (1990)
  • Happy Together (1990)
  • Loverboy (1989)
  • Some Girls (1989)
  • Giovane Toscanini (1988)
  • In a Shallow Grave (1988)
  • Can t Buy Me Love (1987)
  • In the Mood (1987)
  • Meatballs III (1987)
  • Heaven Help Us (1985)



Patrick Dempsey was born on Jan. 13, 1966 in Lewiston, ME . When Patrick Dempsey was a teenager, her was diagnosed with dyslexia. Dyslexia was not as understood as it is now. Patrick Dempsey turned his talents in dancing and acting. Patrick Dempsey developed his juggling act and toured with the New England Vaudeville Circuit by age 15. In 1981 at the age of 15, Patrick Dempsey won the Talent America Contest. This contest opened the door for Patrick Dempsey to get an agent who got him an audition for the San Francisco production of "Torch Song Trilogy." Patrick Dempsey portrayed the role of David and toured with the company for several months. Patrick Dempsey went on to perform in other plays before moving on to movies. Patrick Dempsey began his career as a teen idol and has transitioned into a hunky adult leading man. I n the 1987 movie Can't Buy Me Love (Seth Green), Patrick Depmsey starred as a loveable geek that spends his lawn mowing money trying to win the love of the most popular girl in school. During his late 20's Patrick Dempsey experienced the trouble getting roles that many former teen idols experience. Patrick Dempsey began his comeback as a leading man in films such as Sweet Home Alabama (Reese Witherspoon), Enchanted (Amy Adams) and Valentine's Day (Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts). Patrick Dempsey officially reclaimed his hunky idol status when he was cast as "Dr. McDreamy" in the hit television series Grey's Anatomy. Next up in 2011, Patrick Dempsey tries his hand at action movies in Transformers 3 (Shia LeBoeuf).

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