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 Michael Keaton

Filmography - Movies that have starred Michael Keaton.

Game 6 2005
Herbie: Fully Loaded 2005
White Noise 2005
First Daughter 2004
Quicksand 2003
Live from Baghdad 2002
A Shot at Glory 2002
First Daughter 1999
Desparate Measures 1998
Jack Frost 1998
Out of Sight 1998
Jackie Brown 1997
Multiplicity 1996
The Paper 1994
Speechless 1994
Much Ado About Nothing 1993
My Life 1993
Batman Returns 1992
One Good Cop 1991
Pacific Heights 1990
Batman 1989
The Dream Team 1989
Beetlejuice 1988
Clean and Sober 1988
The Squeeze 1987
Gung Ho 1986
Touch and Go 1986
Johnny Dangerously 1984
Mr. Mom 1983
Night Shift 1982

Michael Keaton became a popular funny movie star with the movies Mr. Mom and Night Shift.  Keaton showed that he could also take on serious roles with Clean and Sober.  Michael hit a peak and showed his versatility acting in a number of different types of movies that all were box office successes including Batman (Tim Burton), Beetlejuice (Winona Ryder), One Good Cop, Batman Returns, My Life (Nicole Kidman)and Pacific Heights.  Michael Keaton was not a popular choice for Batman, but is now considered to be one of the better actors to play the role.  Keatons career then hit a slow spot until the 2005 movie White Noise.

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