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Marlee Matlin


Filmography - Movies that have starred Marlee Matlin.

What the Bleep Do We Know? 2004
When Justice Fails 1999
Two Shades of Blue 1998
It's My Party 1996
Hear No Evil 1993
The Linguini Incident 1992
The Player 1992
Bridge to Silence 1989
Walker 1987
Children of A Lesser God 1986

Marlee Matlin won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her debut film, Children of a Lesser God (William Hurt).  Matilin was just 21 and was the youngest actress to win the award at the time.  Other notable Marlee Matlin movies include Hear No Evil and The Player. Marlee has been nearly deaf since 18 months old.  Marlee Matlin has made a number of television appearances as well.

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