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Laurence Olivier


Filmography - Movies that have starred Laurence Olivier.

Long Day's Journey Into Night 2003
Blankman 1994
Peter the Great 1986
The Wild Geese 2 1985
The Bounty 1984
King Lear 1984
The Jigsaw Man 1983
Mister Halpern and Mister Johnson 1983
A Voyage Round My Father 1983
Wagner: The Complete Epic 1983
Brideshead Revisited - Book 1 1981
Clash of the Titans 1981
The Jazz Singer 1980
Dracula 1979
A Little Romance 1979
The Betsy 1978
The Boys From Brazil 1978
A Bridge Too Far 1977
Daphne Laureola 1977
Marathon Man 1976
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution 1976
Love Among the Ruins 1975
Lady Caroline Lamb 1973
The Merchant of Venice 1973
Sleuth 1972
David Copperfield 1970
Battle of Britain 1969
Romeo & Juliet 1968
The Shoes of the Fisherman 1968
Khartoum 1966
Bunny Lake is Missing 1965
Othello 1965
The Entertainer 1960
Spartacus 1960
The Devil's Disciple 1959
The Prince and the Showgirl 1957
Richard III 1955
Carrie 1952
Hamlet 1948
Henry V 1944
The Demi-Paradise 1943
49th Parallel 1941
That Hamilton Woman 1941
Conquest of the Air 1940
Pride and Prejudice 1940
Rebecca 1940
Wuthering Heights 1939
21 Days Together 1938
The Divorce of Lady X 1938
Fire Over England 1937
As You Like It 1936
I Stand Condemned 1935

Laurence Olivier is considered by many to be the greatest stage and film actor of the 20th century.  Olivier was nominated for 10 Oscars during his career.  Laurence won both Best Actor and Best Picture for Hamlet.  Olivier was involved in numerous other adaptations of Shakespeare to film including Romeo and Juliet and Othello.  Other notable Laurence Olivier movies include Spartacus (Kirk Douglas), The Entertainer, Sleuth (Micheal Caine), Marathon Man (Dustin Hoffman), and Boys From Brazil (Gregory Peck ). 

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