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  Jodie Foster

Filmography - Movies that have starred Jodie Foster.

Flightplan 2005
A Very Long Engagement 2004
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 2002
Panic Room 2002
Anna and the King 1999
Contact 1997
Maverick 1994
Nell 1994
Sommersby 1993
Shadows and Fog 1992
Backtrack 1991
Little Man Tate 1991
The Silence of the Lambs 1991
Shocked 1990
The Accused 1988
Stealing Home 1988
Five Corners 1987
Siesta 1987
Mesmerized 986
The Hotel New Hampshire 1984
Svengali 1983
O'Hara's Wife 1982
Carny 1980
Foxes 1980
Candleshoe 1977
Bugsy Malone 1976
Freaky Friday 1976
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Land 1976
Taxi Driver 1976
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 1974
Smile Jenny, You're Dead 1974
One Little Indian 1973
Tom Sawyer 1973
Kansas City Bomber 1972
Napoleon and Samantha 1972

Jodie Foster began her career at the age of two in television commercials with an appearance as the Coppertone Girl, since then Foster has made over one hundred appearances in TV and the movies.  Jodie was a successful child actor with movies such as Freaky Friday, Taxi Driver, and One Little Indian.  Later Foster continued her success with movies like The Silence of the Lambs, Nell, and Anna and the King.  Jodie Foster won the first of her two Golden Globe and Academy Awards as Best Actress for her role as in The Accused. Foster earned her second for her co-starring role opposite Anthony Hopkins in 1991's The Silence of the Lambs.

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