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  Jennifer Lopez

Filmography - Movies that have starred Jennifer Lopez

Lost in the Wild 2005
Monster In Law 2005
All Unfinished Life 2005
Jersey Girl 2004
Shall We Dance? 2004
Gigli 2003
Enough 2002
Maid in Manhattan 2002
Angel Eyes 2001
The Wedding Planner 2001
The Cell 2000
Out of Sight 1998
Anaconda 1997
Selena 1997
U-Turn 1997
Blood and Wine 1996
Jack 1996
Money Train 1995

Famous for many things including movies, music, and her relationships, Jennifer Lopez always seems to be in the press for something.  Lopez started out as a Fly Girl (dancer) on the TV series In Living Color, but it was her role in Selena that first got Jennifer noticed.  Follow up roles in movies such as Out of Sight (George Clooney), The Wedding Planner, and Monster In Law have kept her on the big screen.  Jennifer Lopez relationship with Ben Aflek is probably what she is most famous for.  Jennifer had some real flops during this time including Gigli and Jersey Girl.

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