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 James Caan

Filmography - Movies that have starred James Caan.

Dallas 362 2005
Dogville 2004
The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie 2004
City of Ghosts 2003
Elf 2003
Jericho Mansions 2003
This Thing of Ours 2003
Blood Crime 2002
Lathe of Heaven 2002
A Night at the Golden Eagle 2002
Dead Simple 2001
A Glimpse of Hell 2001
In the Shadows 2001
Lucky Town 2000
Warden of Red Rock 2000
The Way of the Gun 2000
The Yards 2000
Mickey Blue Eyes 1999
The is My Father 1999
Bottle Rocket 1996
Bulletproof 1996
Eraser 1996
North Star 1996
A Boy Called hate 1994
Flesh and Bone 1993
The Program 1993
Honeymoon in Vegas 1992
The Dark Backward 1991
For the Boys 1991
Another Man, Another Chance 1990
Dick Tracy 1990
Misery 1990
Alien Nation 1988
Gardens of Stone 1987
Bolero 1982
Kiss Me Goodbye 1982
Les Uns Et Les Autres 1981
Thief 1981
Chapter Two 1979
Hide in Plain Sight 1979
Comes a Horseman 1978
Little Moon and Jud McGraw 1978
A Bridge Too Far 1977
Harry and Walter Go to New York 1976
Silent Movie 1976
Funny Lady 1975
Gone with the West 1975
Killer Elite 1975
Rollerball 1975
Freebie and the Bean 1974
The Gambler 1974
Cinderella Liberty 1973
Slither 1973
The Godfather 1972
Brian's Song 1971
The Rain People 1969
Submarine X-1 1969
Countdown 1968
El Dorado 1967
The Glory Days 1965
Red Line 7000 1965
Lady in a Cage 1963

James Caan has had a 40+ year career in the movies and has been in over 60 movies during that time.  Caan first won praise for his role as a brain-damaged football player in The Rain People. Shortly after James Caan won even greater acclaim as dying football player Brian Piccolo in the classic television movie Brian's Song. The following year Coppola cast Caan as mobster Sonny Corleone in The Godfather, which also helped launch Al Pacino's career. For his role Caan was nominated for an Academy Award.  James Caan's career continued with many hit movies included the lighthearted Elf (Will Ferrell) and Honeymoon in Vegas (Nicolas Cage).

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