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Football Movies

Here is a list of movies that feature the sport football.

North Dallas Forty 1979
Rudy 1993
The Longest Yard 1974
Brian's Song 1971
Lucas 1986
Remember the Titans 2000
Friday Night Lights 2004
Any Given Sunday 1999
Varsity Blues 1999
The Program 1993
Knute Rockne All American 1940
The Waterboy  

Football movies have made for some pretty good  sports movies.  One my favorite football movies is a recent one with Billy Bob Thornton, Friday Night Lights.  Brian's Song is a classic that has probably caused more grown men to cry than any other movie.  We also enjoyed Rudy, a football movie about a walk on at Notre Dame, and The Waterboy, a pretty dumb, but sometimes funny movie with Adam Sandler. 

Click here for Football Terms and Glossary.

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