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Faye Dunaway


Filmography - Movies that have starred Faye Dunaway.

Chronicle of the Raven
Blind Horizon
Changing Hearts
Festival in Cannes
The Rules of Attraction
Running Mates
The Yards
The Messenger: the Story of Joan of Arc
The Thomas Crown Affair
Albino Alligator
The Twilight of the Golds
The Chamber
Dunston Checks In
Don Juan Demarco
Arizona Dream
The Temp
Double Edge
The Handmaid's Tale
The Two Jakes
Wait Until Spring, Bandini
Burning Secret
The Gamble
Midnight Crossing
Beverly Hills Madam
Christopher Columbus
Thirteen at Dinner
Ellis Island
Ordeal by Innocence
The Wicked Lady
The Country Girl
Mommie Dearest
The First Deadly Sin
The Champ
Eyes of Laura Mars
The Disappearance of Aimee
Voyage of the Damned
Three Days of the Condor
The Four Musketeers
The Towering Inferno
The Three Musketeers
Little Big Man
The Arrangement
The Thomas Crown Affair
Bonnie and Clyde

Faye Dunaway has appeared in over 50 movies.  Dunaway was a star of the stage in the 60's and became one of Hollywoods major leading actresses in the 70's with her performance in Bonnie and Clyde (Gene Hackman).  One of our favorite Faye Dunaway movies is Chinatown.  A great mystery movie that also starred Jack Nicolson as the detective and is considered one of the best mystery movies of all time.  Other Faye Dunaway movies of note include Network (for which she won the Oscar for Best Actress), Three Days of the Condor (Robert Redford), and The Champ .  Faye has also had some success in television.

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