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Chevy Chase


Filmography - Movies that have starred Chevy Chase.

Orange County

Snow Day

Dirty Work

Vegas Vacation

Spy Hard

Man of the House

Cops and Robbersons


Memoirs of an Invisible Man

Nothing But Trouble

Fletch Lives

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Caddyshack 2

Funny Farm

Three Amigos


National Lampoon's European Vacation

Spies Like Us

Deal of the Century

National Lampoon's Vacation

Modern Problems

Under the Rainbow


Oh! Heavenly Dog

Seems Like Old Times

Foul Play


The Groove Tube



Chevy Chase's movie career started off like he would be one of the most successful Saturday Night Live alums, but for some reason, Chase's recent movies have not done that well. Chevy Chase has appeared in over 33 movies.  Notable Chevy Chase movies include Fletch, Caddyshack (Bill Murray), Three Amigos (Steve Martin), and the Vacation series of movies.  Chevy is a funny guy, but his movie career as a lead actor in big comedies seems to have come to an end.  Here's hoping that Chase has at least one more Fletch in him.  Chevy Chase is an American TV and movie actor.

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