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Carrie Fisher


Filmography - Movies that have starred Carrie Fisher.

The Aristocrats




A Midsummer Night's Rave

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Lisa Picard is Famous

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

This is My Life

Drop Dead Fred


Sibling Rivalry

Sweet Revenge

The Burbs


The Time Guardian

When Harry Met Sally

Appointment with Death

She's Back

Amazon Women on the Moon

From Here to Maternity

Hannah and Her Sisters

Hollywood Vice Squad

The Man With One Red Shoe


Garbo Talks

Return of the Jedi

Under the Rainbow

The Blues Brothers

The Empire Strikes Back

Mr. Mike's Mondo Video

Star Wars


The Groove Tube



Carrie Fisher's acting career with forever be defined by her role as Princess Leia from the Star Wars Series (George Lucas).  Carrie's portrayal as a beautiful, but tough and intelligent Star Wars princess helped define what may be the most popular movie series of all time.  Fisher has appeared in more than 30 movies, but she has been very successful as a writer of both novels and screenplays as well.  Fisher is also famous for a short marriage to Paul Simon, a long battle with drug addiction, and her famous parents.  Her mother is Debbie Reynolds and her father Eddie Fisher (who later married Elizabeth Taylor).  Carrie had issues dealing with her own movie fame as well as her parents.  This lead her into drugs.  Some notable Carrie Fisher movies include When Harry Met Sally (Cameron Diaz), When Harry Met Sally (Meg Ryan), and The Blues Brothers .  Carrie Fisher is an American movie actress.

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