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Ben Stiller


Filmography - Movies that have starred Ben Stiller.


Along Came Polly



Meet the Fockers

Starsky and Hutch

Working Trash


Orange County

The Independent

The Royal Tenenbaums


Black and White

Keeping the Faith

Meet the Parents

Mystery Men

The Suburbans

Permanent Midnight

There's Something About Mary

Your Friends and Neighbors

Zero Effect

The Cable Guy

Flirting with Disaster

If Lucy Fell

Reality Bites

Highway to Hell

Next of Kin

Fresh Horses

Empire of the Sun

Hot Pursuit

Ben Stiller has acted and directed mostly comedic movies, but Stiller also has done some good work in more dramatic roles. Ben Stiller has had mixed success both critically and in the box office over the years.   There's Something About Mary (Cameron Diaz) was Ben Stiller's first bonafide success.  The very funny movie was a huge box office smash.  Other notable Ben Stiller movies include Dodgeball, Meet the Parents (Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson), and Along Came Polly (Jennifer Aniston ).  Ben has acting success running in the family.  Both his mother, Anne Meara, and his father, Jerry Stiller, have been very successful actors. Ben Stiller has appeared in over 20 movies. Ben Stiller is an American movie and TV actor.

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