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Ben Kingsley


Filmography - Movies that have starred Ben Kingsley.

A Sound of Thunder 2005
Valiant 2005
Parting Shots 2004
Suspect Zero 2004
Thunderbirds 2004
House of Sand and Fog 2003
Spooky House 2002
Triumph of Love 2002
Tuck Everlasting 2002
Anne Frank: The Whole Story 2001
Sexy Beast 2001
Rules of Engagement 2000
Spooky House 2000
What Planet Are You From? 2000
Alice In Wonderland 1999
The Confession 1999
Crime and Punishment 1999
The Assignment 1997
Photographing Fairies 1997
Weapons of Mass Distraction 1997
Twelfth Night 1996
Death and the Maiden 1995
Species 1995
Dave 1993
Schindler's List 1993
Searching for Bobby Fischer 1993
Sneakers 1992
Bugsy 1991
The Children 1990
The Fifth Monkey 1990
Murderers Among Us - The Simon Wiesenthal Story 1989
Slipstream 1989
Pascali's Island 1988
Without A Clue 1988
Maurice 1987
Turtle Diary 1986
Harem 1985
Betrayal 1983
Gandhi 1982
Hard Labour 1973

Ben Kingsley has played all sorts of different movie characters throughout his film career, but he is best know for his portrayal of the lead character in Ghandi.  Kingsley won the Oscar for best actor for the lead role as Ghandi in the movie.  He has been nominated several more times since then for his outstanding acting.  Ben Kingsley has appeared in over 40 movies although he spent a large part of his early career as a stage actor.  Other notable movies with Ben Kingsley include Schindler's List (Steven Spielberg), House of Sand and Fog (Jennifer Connelly), and Sneakers (Robert Redford ).  Kingsley is a British actor.   We expect to see more outstanding and unique roles from Ben Kingsley.

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