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Arnold Schwarzenegger


Filmography - Movies that have starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Around the World in 80 Days

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Collateral Damage

The 6th Day

End of Days

Batman and Robin


Jingle All the Way


True Lies

Beretta's Island

The Last Action Hero

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Kindergarten Cop

Total Recall


Red Heat


The Running Man

Raw Deal


Red Sonja

Conan the Destroyer

The Terminator

Conan the Barbarian

The Jayne Mansfield Story

The Villain

Stay Hungry

The Long Goodbye

Hercules in New York

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had one of the most diverse careers of any Hollywood actor.  Arnold started out as a body builder and gained fame as Mr. Olympia.  Schwarzenegger then parleyed this into a movie career getting roles where a muscle man was needed.  The Conan movies gave Schwarzenegger the chance to practice his acting chops, but The Terminator made him a household name and gave Arnold the opportunity to get more film deals.  Arnold took advantage of this and came out with a surprising number of hit movies including The Running Man, Predator, Twins (Danny DeVito), Total Recall (Sharon Stone) and Kindergarten Cop.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has appeared in over 30 movies.  Other notable Arnold Schwarzenegger movies include The Terminator II (James Cameron), Batman and Robin (George Clooney)and True Lies .  In 2003 Arnold's career took another crazy turn when he became Governor of California.  Arnold Schwarsenegger's nickname is now the Governator.  Arnold is a Austrian-American movie actor and politician.

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