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Animal Movies - Fish and Aquatic

Nemo G Fish and sharks
Flipper PG Dolphin
Finding Nemo G Fish and sharks
Shark Tale PG Fish and sharks
Ring of Bright Water G Otter
Andre PG Seal
Free Willy PG Whale
Free Willy 2 PG Whale

My family has many favorites from the Aquatic movie list. Finding Nemo has to be found at the top. Finding Nemo is a film for the children and adults to enjoy. The animation is marvelous and the humor is clever and not raunchy. Disney/Pixar hit a home run with this ocean animal movie.

Shark Tale would have to be one of our least favorite. The humor tended to be more crude and heavily based on stereotypes. The soundtrack of Shark Tale on the other hand is one to own.

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