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Anthony Quinn


Filmography - Movies that have starred Anthony Quinn.

Avenging Angelo

Somebody to Love


A Walk in the Clouds

The Last Action Hero

Jungle Fever


Only the Lonely

Ghosts Can't Do It


Onassis - The Richest Man in the World



High Risk

The Salamander

Lion of the Desert

The Children of Sanchez

The Con Artists

The Greek Tycoon

The Message

Fatal Assassin

The Inheritance

Target of an Assassin

The Don Is Dead

Across 110th Street

Walk in the Spring Rain

A Dream of Kings

The Secret of Santa Vittoria

The Shoes of the Fisherman

The Rover

The Lost Command

A High Wind in Jamaica

Behold a Pale Horse

Zorba the Greek

Lawrence of Arabia

Requiem for a Heavyweight


The Guns of Navarone

Heller in Pink Tights

Portrait in Black


The Black Orchid

Last Train from Gun Hill


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Ride Back

La Strada Special LV Edition

Lust For Life

The Magnificent Matador

Seven Cities of Gold

La Strada


Blowing Wild

Against All Flags

Viva Zapata!

The World in His Arms

Sinbad the Sailor


Back to Bataan

Buffalo Bill

Guadalcanal Diary

The Ox-Bow Incident

The Black Swan

Road to Morocco

Blood and Sand

They Died With Their Boots On

City for Conquest

The Ghost Breakers

Road to Singapore

The Texas Rangers Ride Again

Union Pacific

The Plainsman

Waikiki Wedding

Anthony Quinn has been in over 70 movies in his 60 year plus movie career.  Anthony Quinn's signature role was Zorba the Greek which he played several times.  In the 50's and 60's Quinn was nominated and won several Oscars for his outstanding acting.  Anthony's career peeked in the mid-sixties with acting parts in Zorba the Greek and Lawrence of Arabia (Peter O'Toole).  It's funny that Anthony Quinn will be remembered as a Greek and an Arabian as he is of Irish-Mexican descent.  Quinn continued acting in various movies throughout the rest of his life, but never returned to the peek he had in the sixties.  Other notable Anthony Quinn movies include Requiem for a Heavyweight, Wild Is the Wind (George Cukor), and The Guns of Navarone (Gregory Peck ).  Anthony Quinn was a Mexican actor.

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